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ACI: Rack & Stack

Plumbing ACI is something that YouTube has you covered on. I wont reinvent that wheel. For the initial standup, I am doing the bare minimum connectivity; each leaf has one 40G uplink to each spine, meaning, 80G of North/South Bandwidth. This will double up when we are preparing for Production service, matching my UCS/FI Bandwidth between each Chassis (4x10G links to each side of my 2208XPs). My 3 APICs are configured as follows:

Why I Bought an Airconsole

Today I was reminded what a great git of Kit the really is. Its essentially a box that gives you Serial Access to a device via an RJ45 (Cisco pin-out) using WiFi, Bluetooth or wired, using a web GUI, or a bonkers driver setup on your machine. For me, I use the AirConsole at work in a jack of all trades way. I cable the Serial Dongle to the Router I have a WiFi client profile configured that will auto join my (pervasively configured) corporate dirty network.