Over the past year or so I found myself returning to my own blog to remind myself how I did things in VyOS and how I configured this or that thing or whatever. Each time I sort of hated the fact the theme was crap. Blogger themes are so dated, they remind me a little of Geocities now. I know that dates me somewhat too, but anyways. They suck and brosing for something that isn’t terrible seems more and more futile.

This past few weeks I have been coming back to my learning around Golang and one of the lesser-known darling projects of the Go community is Hugo. I haven’t actually spent any time near the code, but I really like the idea of the git centric workflow, producing markdown and then having a static generated site appear on some CDN. After fiddling a bit with my cloudflare account I have got it working, and now I plan to lift all the old blogger posts out into here, so we can leverage some nicer templates, simplify the process of posting, and ultimately escape the weirdness of blogger.

Over the coming weeks I will endevaour to lift and shift the content over to here, and then will switch the DNS. Same content, new home. Very exciting!

BTW. I am sort of aware that Cloudflare have some sketchy affiliations and questionable opinions about free speech. Please don’t feel the need to tell me - I can use their services and not agree with these views. In the fullness of time I expect this will move to some other Hugo friendly hoster, but until I can be sure this is a sensible move, and I find someone else that I like, Cloudflare it is. I’m not paying them a penny for this so I dont see the hypocracy either.